BBSHD Ludicrous Steel Gear (Nylon Gear Replacement)


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  • German Bearings
  • CNC in Luna's El Segundo Shop
  • Pre-lubed with the highest grade  lube available
  • Reduced in size to minimize noise
  • Drop in replacement for old nylon gear
  • noisier than nylon gear (video coming soon)
  • Will never break (it is not plastic)
  • 165 grams 

Nylon gear failure can leave you stranded and waiting for new parts before you can ride again. 

Nylon gear failure is the most common failure in the BBSHD. Referred to sometimes as peanut butter gear it usually happens when you are riding hard and the  gear heats up. Failure is catastrophic and you are left pedaling the bike home.

Although some customers never experience nylon gear failure, for others it happens multiple times a year.  This has to do with riding style, how hard you run the bike and whether you are running with a ludicrous controller or not. This steel gear eliminates that problem and is made for riders who regularly break their nylon gears.



Because nylon gears  suck and its about time someone has an answer to it. Check out Karl's article which very eloquently addresses this issue: 

Plastic Gears Suck – Replacing The Nylon Primary Reduction Gear On the BBSHD

The nylon gear for a long time has been known as one of the weakest components in the BBSHD system, especially for certain kind of riders.

If you tend to abuse your drive by starting in the wrong gear or hitting full throttle from a dead stop... or you just weigh a lot, a Luna ludicrous gear is the right answer for you.

This gear is nearly indestructible and is perfect for hot rodders and anyone pumping lots of power. Something else will break in the drive but not your nylon gear once you do this upgrade.

It has been designed to be smaller than the stock nylon gear so it makes less contact with the spur gear (and makes less noise).   It also has weight saving holes CNC inside to make it weigh only 150 grams. (Other steel gears we have seen for the BBSHD have weighted twice that).


Regarding Gear Noise

The ludicrous steel gear has been designed and precision ground to be as quiet as possible. Also we reduced the size of the gear so it makes minimal contact and further lessens the noise.  The steel gear is noticeably louder than the stock nylon gear but under load while riding it is only a bit noticeable over tire noise, chain noise etc.  Also the steel gear gets quieter with use as it breaks in.

Install notes

The bearing on the gear is stamped made in Germany on one side. Install this with this stamp facing down. For info on how to disassemble the motor see this page.