BBSHD Motor Core Version B

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  • BBSHD Motor Core (VERSION B)
  • Includes hall sensors, windings, etc.
  • Simply swap and your drive is brand new (internally at least).
  • Most major motor problems can be fixed by swapping the core. 
  • Sent with precrimped wire for easy insertion into motor housing. Does not include the spade connectors but these can be included on request
  • Version B uses flat spade connectors, if yours has Anderson connectors see version A listing

3 Reviews

Nick Cawthon May 3rd 2019

Scott and Gary are excellent support reps

It sometimes takes a few tries to get into sync with riding a mid-drive correctly. We aren't throttle-pushers like the hub-drivers, there is an impact to gearing you bike wrongly on the roads and putting too much stress on the motors. Scott and Gary have shown patience, support and understanding in what has been a journey of nearly 3000 miles over the last year, getting to know my Baufang and understanding its workings. Thanks Luna - keep riding!

Mike Eatough Jan 25th 2018

BBSHD motor core

A high quality part at a very reasonable price. It includes a lot of vital parts like motor itself, drive shaft helical gear, Hall sensors & circuit board.

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