Black XT60 connector 5 sets


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5 sets of XT-60 connector male and female

Super easy connector to solder all gauges of wires

Rated for up to 60 amps

Ideal connector for low power kits

Ideal charging connector

Excellent replacement for cheap Anderson connectors

Genuine XT60 high quality (not fakes) 

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Excellent Deans connector replacements.

We use these on all our chargers and high performance batteries as charge plugs. 
This little plug will handle up to 60amps without frying. 
Easy to plug together, even in the dark, even with cold hands!
Impossible to plug the connector in wrong making for a safe solution.
Ideally the female end should go on the battery. 
These are not cheap copied XT60 plugs. These original Nylon XT60 plugs can handle over 60A current for extended periods without exceeding 80DegC thanks to their better contact surface area. The plug is also less likely to deform or melt in comparison to copied non-Nylon XT60 plugs.
Genuine Nylon high-temp XT60 connectors. 

1. How much current are these rated for?
2. Do these have spark suppression?
3. What size wire should I use with these?
4. Is the polarity marked on the connectors?
5. Which one is the Male and which one is the Female?
1. They are rated for 60 amp duty ,designed to handle 60 Amps continuously without exceeding 80°C.
2. No, only the XT90-S has spark suppression.
3. XT-60 solder lugs are ideally sized to accept 12-14 AWG wire.
4. Yes, each edge of the connector has the recommended polarity symbol indicated.
5. The connector half with the metal prongs is the male. The half with the metal sockets is the female. The outer plastic housing does not affect gender assignment.