Ebikes on CBS 60 minutes... must see cheating scandal in road bike racing

If you have not seen this 60 minutes video that aired last Sunday you should drop everything and watch it. It is the most astonishing ebike news i have ever seen in main stream press and has huge ramifications. It turns out we are in the same gang all along. Geeky out of shape ebike riders and ultra cool pro athlete top shelf riders on their aerodynamic king of cool machines….. 

Read the entire Story and see the video here:


After you have seen the video on electricbike.com you can also see super insane ebike blogger Karl's take on this same story on his blog here...please subscribe to this guys blog if you havent yet....the guys is the hottest ebike writer alive right now but i suspect he might be doping:


Actually there is real story behind Karl and i racing to get these two articles up: I wrote this article after a 90-minute long phone conversation with Karl from www.electricbike-blog.com where we both got so excited about doping that we decided to have a competition to see who could write and article about it faster. Karl published his a few hours earlier but i believe he was double dosing expresso shots, but I still think that his is the better article. Go and read his and decide for yourself. Competition is good when it brings out the best in people. I think competition is bad when you're stabbing the people you're competing against in the back with an ebike. Go Lance.