Luna Anniversary Special

Luna is celebrating our 4th anniversary.

We are doing our biggest conversion kit sale ever….

You can check out all the offerings here:

keep checking back we will be adding new kits through the weekend. 

these are the lowest prices we have ever offered on Bafang mid drive BBSHD and BBS02 Kits. We are also introducing our own version of the ultra light weight 750 watt torque sensing TSDZ2 Kit at an unhear of price.

The best deals are on our own USA made Wolf Pack which uses state of the art technology including wire bonding (the same process tesla uses) and polyurethane epoxy potting to make the strongest, most water resistant ebike pack on the market. It is a 52v with premium cells and high tech bms and is made for long lasting and safe power.  The pack is both water and collision resistant. Get the wolf now with kit for the lowest price ever.

This winter we are ramping up Wolf Production by investing in duplicating all our equipment to double our production capacity. We thank you for your support as buying from us you are supporting a rare new USA factory.

Ashley and I are also taking our first real vacation in four years...  thank you everyone for your support...

We know that winter time is not the best time to get out and ride… but its the perfect time to get your next DIY hot rod bike ready to roll for when the weather warms. We promise to keep warming your hearts with hot new products. 

Happy New Year to everyone