Luna End of Summer Day Sales

We always know when it is the end of summer... the top ebike trade show Interbike in Nevada comes along, its our founder Eric's birthday, and sales slow down so we can catch up and breath. For Luna every summer has been more and more hectic and this summer has been no exception.

Sadly Our Luna summer is ending and we are clearing out space as big shipments are coming in and we need to make way for more. (also we need funds to pay for these new big incoming container shipments).   To make matters worse we are forced to move out of one of our buildings so we need space!  All summer long we had a hard time keeping inventory and bikes in stock and we apologize for that. To reward loyal luna supporters we are doing an END OF SUMMER DAYS sale to clear out any excessive inventory.

We are also offering the super popular BBS02 mid drive kit. $399 for just the kit....convert any non fat bike into a high power light weight hill climber starting at $399. Time to make that garage queen bike of yours into a 1200 watt 30mph hill climbing monster. The best deal ever on a high performance mid drive kit.

We sincerely thank all of our loyal customers, friends and followers for peing patient through the summer where it was hard to keep inventory in stock.

Please help us get the word out by plastering pictures of you and your awesome fast ebike all over the internets. The electric revolution is here. We are a USA company and factory and appreciate any support we can get from our community.


From the Luna Family