​Prepare for the Apocalypse with our Mini-Escape Super Scooter

The Apocalypse Scooter is our get out of dodge vehicle…. If the zombie apocalypse happens you can weave in and out of traffic and get out of the city. If the apocalypse doesn't happen it's a perfect commuter vehicle and your always ready. The battery is big enough to keep our laptop and personal electronics charged for months.

https://lunacycle.com/luna-apocalypse/ You will find no better deal on a high performance scooter… We are also including a pair of 3m n95 masks with every scooter.

We have been offering high power scooters for 5 years and this is the V3 our latest alliteration. Recently we released our v3 scooter which has many improvements over the last scooter.. Our favorite features are the following:

  • dual motors with up to 3000 watts of power
  • Can easily carry an extra passenger
  • Giant 1600 watt hour battery for tons of range (double the watt hours of our typical ebike).
  • 60v battery for added top speed (35mph)
  • Advanced full suspension system
  • CNC aluminum body for light weight strength