LUNA 220mm Rear Rotor Upgrade Kit for Sur-Ron

Thickness Available *

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  • Fits on the Sur-Ron rear bolt pattern
  • Upgrade your stock 203mm rotor to the bigger 220mm
  • 2.2mm thick (stock is 2.0 thickness) Or the extra thick 2.5mm 
  • 24% larger than stock (stock is 203mm)
  • Includes a CNC adapter made from 6065 aluminum
  • Easy 5 minute install
  • Bolt pattern only works Sur Ron Rear wheel

This is all you need to upgrade your front brake on your Sur-Ron to give you significantly more stopping power and  dissipate heat more effectively to prevent brake pad overheating. Hot rotors are the #1 cause of premature brake wear. 

The stock brake rotor is only 203mm and 2.0mm thick.   The 220mm  x 2.2mm will give you more than 20 percent more stopping power and heat dissipation even more with the 2.5mm option. This is a huge upgrade on the stock bikes and highly recommended. Do this upgrade before wasting your money on expensive caliper upgrades etc.  This is one of the easiest and most economical upgrades you can do on your Sur-Ron