Luna Gator Seat for Talaria (Vinyl)


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  • Fits the Talaria Sting MX3 and MX4R
  • Tons of extra cushion over the stock seat.
  • Now offered for the Talaria Sting!
  • Easy bolt in replacement for the Talaria...fits perfect!
  • Adds one inch to rider height (depending on rider weight)
  • Helps prevent rider sore in crotch! 
  • Made from high quality vegan leather (vinyl)
  • Non slip material
  • Really slick looking crocodile print... looks real but is really vegan
  • Identical mounting brackets as original seat


This is the same seat as our popular float seat for the surron but made for the Talaria out of a gator skin covering made from vegan leather (vinyl).   this material looks very similar to real crocodile skin but has all the durability and comfort of vinyl.