Gearsensor for Bafang Mid Drives

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  • Intelligent sensor that will power down or shut off the motor during shifting to avoid chain grinding and cassette breaking 
  • Extend the life of your gears indefinitely with the gearsensor
  • An absolute must for mid-drives
  • Made for both deraillers and internally geared hubs

 Note: Most customers need the rear version (for IGH and derailers). If this option is not available it is autohidden and will be restocked soon. We do not recommend using front derailer gearsensors on rear.

The Gearsensor acts like a speed shifter so you are able to shift your bike at full throttle and barely fill the throttle cut off.

It will make your BBS02 or BBSHD shift faster, smoother and safer. 

Here is a link to the manual and installation guide on the Gear Sensor

Luna Cycle is proud to be one of 2 distributors of the Gearsensor in the United States.

The Gearsensor is plug and play with any BBS02 or BBSHD in place of one of your ebrakes and is a 15 minute install. 

If you install it with our newest edition of BBS02 or BBSHD (the ones with the luna cycle logo engraved on the side) the controller has a separate ebrake connector so you can use both ebrakes and the gear sensor. If you go with this setup the shifting power delay is much shorter than using the ebrake connector.

However the gear sensor will work with all bafang mid drives by simply connecting it to one of the ebrake cut off switches.


Support notes: 

Please see this documentation to protect your gearsensor from mud and debris for long-term reliable use.

See this documentation to service your gearsensor in the event an unprotected gearsensor gets clogged up with mud.

This is not for M600 motors

Unless otherwise specified this does not include anything besides what is advertised, the sensor itself. Depending on what is in your tool chest you may need additional common bike parts like ferrules, shift cable housing etc.