Sur-Ron Ghost Flip Wrap Kit

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  • Made from top of the line 3M car wrap material
  • Precision cut with our CNC router
  • Protects your paint
  • Changes colors in the sun
  • Click here for install guide

This kit is unlike anything else on the market... it is made from 3M highest grade car wrap which turns different colors depending on how the sun hits it. Not only will it protect the bike, but also will give it a totally different look with a bike that will change all different kinds of colors depending on how the sun hits it and which angle it is viewed at. 

There is nothing close to this quality of sticker kit on the market and we have decided to price this at an unheard of $69.00

We include several extra pieces of the harder pieces of this kit to install in case you make a mistake you will have extras. 

To install this kit perfectly will require a heat gun or blow dryer.  

Wrap Contents

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