Kool Stop V-Type Brake Pads for Electric Bikes


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Better Stopping Power!

At Luna this is our favorite brake pad for conversions on bikes that can not be switched to disc brakes.

  • Specially formulated for the higher speeds and weight of E-bikes
  • Rim friendly compound
  • Made in USA
  • Latest V2 version

While disc brakes are always going to be the ideal modification when possible, this is not always practical for all frames. Often the front of a bike frame can be upgraded to disc by changing out the fork for something aftermarket, but on the rear that is not possible.

The solution is the Kool Stop ebike brake pad, which has the best stopping power of any brakes outside of disc brake systems.

In our testing this brake pad has shown remarkable durability and usefulness lasting several years, especially if used on rear.

If you do use any ebike kit with a bike that must use rim brakes, we would highly recommend switching to these pads. Anything less is unsafe.