LEKKIE Bling Ring Spacers for the BBS02


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  • 2mm spacer made for the Lekkie Bling Ring (bbs02 version)
  • Works only with the BBS02

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Jon Jan 4th 2018

Works fine with stock Bafang chain ring too.

I stepped up to the 52T Bafang chain ring and needed a little spacer for it to clear my chain stays. Worked fine-- not just for Lekkie.

Paul Z Oct 12th 2017

Simple, does what it needs to.

With the 36t lekkie bling ring on, my bbs02 had a less than desirable chainline in the higher gears. This moves the chainring away from the motor ever so slightly, but enough to where I get less friction and vibration in the higher gears, and at high speed. The spacer was a little jagged when I received it, but no big deal. Just filed it down a little on the edges to smooth it out, it's working well! Thanks guys!

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