Luna Bafang Upgrade Thumb Throttle


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  • Universal Thumb Throttle for all bafang mid drives and handlebars
  • Designed to be mounted on either side of your handlebar for flexibility
  • because of its small size it is less likely to interfere with other handlebar accessories such as shifters
  • very discreet... can barely tell your bike has a throttle
  • fits all standard 22.2mm handlebars
  • Easy 5 minute install

This is our favorite throttle ever for Bafang drives.

It works on all Bafang mid drives and hub motors.

It should also work on any  brand ebike powered by a bafang motor (look at the picture of the connector down below to make sure they match)

 It is small and discreet and works perfectly.

It takes very little space on your handlebars and is mountable on left or right side and because of its small size will fit well beside other bike  components such as shifters

It uses a spring gauge which is highly accurate despite its small size. 

This is safer than the stock bafang twist throttle, and more durable than the regular bafang thumb throttle. 

Note that if you are changing from a twist grip throttle you will also need to buy new hand grips. 

See our Knowledge Base article for compatibility and full selection