Luna Black Box BBSHD / BBS02 Programmer


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  • 7 inch TFT touch screen
  • Programmer for BBSHD and BBS02
  • Pre-set settings of 9 popular “Hot Rod” Setting
  • Re-program your bike anywhere quickly without hassle

We have been developing the software for this product for over 6 months. We have tested it extensively where we use it to instantly program a customers bike to whatever controller settings we want.

Instead of taking 10 minutes to fumble with a laptop and hard to use software, we just simply unplug the Bafang display and plug into this box which connects to make programming your BBSHD or BBS02 a hassle free exercise. This device does not work with the new Bafang Ultra Max.

With Luna drives we always program to our own settings, our own preferences to the style of bikes and drives we offer. This box not only has Luna's settings but also some other popular settings.

To use just unplug your BBSHD or BBS02 display, and plug in the black box. The only battery that is needed to power the Black Box is your ebike battery which just needs to be plugged into the bike as usual. 

The Luna Black Box uses a high quality touch screen interface and it only takes a few seconds to go with a pre-set, or you can modify any setting you want by going into advanced setting. You can also manually adjust any setting and load it up to the controller.

The Luna Black Box takes changing your BBSHD and BBS02 settings a snap so that anyone can change or tweak their settings.

Its also possible to program your bike for street legal mode or off road mode, and easily change it back and forth for those who do both. 

The Black Box comes with operating instructions built into the box so if you are unsure how to do something you can get help from the box.