Luna Boom Box for Surron

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3d printed on our industrial resin printer
Made from high quality resin
Includes a GO2 speaker

An improved drop in replacement for your Sur-Ron battery lid, the new Luna Speaker Mount comes with an added bracket that perfectly fits a GO2 speaker.  We are very happy with this elegant solution and find the battery lid is the best placement for a speaker when you're riding. 

This is made in our industrial 3d printer which makes it from a resin plastic with a laser. What this does is gives a high quality, durable piece that will actually flex before it breaks. 

We paint it matte black so it matches with your Sur-Ron already too. 

As always, please pay attention when riding and always ride safely. 

Note: If using this with the seat extender kit you may need to slightly trim the plastic to make both mods compatible with eachother. Here is how.