Luna Chainring Adapter for Bafang BBS02

Add a Luna Narrow Wide at a Discounted Rate

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  • Chainring Adaptor for BBS02 kit
  • Allows use of any 104 bcd chainring
  • Compatible with all 350w, 500w and 750w BBS01\BBS02 drive systems including the E-Rad system
  • Alllows you to use smaller chainrings for ultimate off road torque and performance
  • We recommend the Race Face narrow\wide for a chainring
  • Made by Luna from durable Stainless Steel
  • If you purchase the Luna Narrow Wide with this Adapter we include the proper chainring bolts.
  • The chain ring adapter and Luna Narrowwide chainring look way better than the stock chainring.

The Bafang BBS02 mid drive is geared too high for hard core off road use. This chain ring adaptor fixes the problem by allowing you to change to any industry standard 104BCD chainring allowing you to go down as small as 34T giving you insane hill climbing torque. 

We recommend that you use narrow wide chain rings such as the Luna Narrow Wide because it makes a better grip with your chain which eliminates the problem with your chain falling off the ring which is sometimes the case with the stock Bafang chainrings.