Luna Charge Safe - Lithium Battery Storage Box


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Re-commissioned USA Government Ammunition Box

Large Size to fit just about any battery

For smaller sized ammo box see look here

You can store up to 4 shark packs in one can. It will hold any Luna Pack ever sold, and probably multiple packs.

22.25" x 12.875" x 5"

Cleaned and painted by the Luna Crew in the USA with love

We install just enough vent holes to contain a lithium fire

Dog proof! No more worries about your doggies chewing up your lithium (mayhem)

Hole Drilled for charge chord




Note these ammunition cans have been freshly painted with care but are effectively reconditioned and not new.  Please don't expect to get a perfect can.
We cannot guarantee that especially at this price. We make sure every can works. They may have blemishes but they are freshly painted.

These are substantial boxes weighing about 12 pounds, made from steel, and designed to take on the real apocalypse. 

We picked up a ton of these USA military ammunition boxes and got a great price and are passing that price along as a way of proliferating battery safety. 

You cannot be too safe when it comes to lithium batteries.  Wherever there is energy density there is the possibility of fire. 

We never recommend charging inside a building unsupervised, but if you are going to do so you can charge safely in a container like this which is designed to contain a catastrophic fire. 

We hope a fire never happens but its best to be careful and take as many precautions as possible.  All lithium batteries have the potential to be dangerous.