Luna Charger 60V 450W 5 amp Ebike Charger


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  • 60V (16S) charger max voltage 67.2
  • Designed for 18650-cell and Lithium ion (but NOT LifePo4) battery packs
  • Quality 5 amp chargers 
  • ON/OFF Switch for easy shut off
  • Smart charger keeps your pack safe and maximizes its life span
  • Automatically shuts down when pack is full
  • High quality fan runs quiet and is reliable
  • Anodized Sea Blue aluminium case
  • 110v AC input for North America,
  • 4 pounds
  • 8 x 3.5 x 2 dimensions

The Luna Charger adds life to your pack without taking a wad of money from your pocket.


     - Charger is configured with reverse polarity, over current, over voltage, and short circuit protections.

     - Fuse protected

     - Precise limit of voltage and current, intelligent control, and avoids over charge.

     - Simple Dual LED indicators : LED 1 is RED shows power is on, LED 2: red shows the battery being charged. Or green shows the battery fully charged (or no load at DC side).

How to Operate

  • Check the parameters of the charger and the parameters of the battery to ensure the compatibility of the charger with your battery.
  • If you need to connect your own connector make sure the red cable goes to positive of your connector and the black wire goes to negative.
  • Make especially sure that the chargers maximum voltage is the same as your batteries maximum voltage. 
  • Make sure you plug in your charger. When LED 1 is red, it means the power is on.
  • When LED 2 Turns red and the fan stops, the battery is fully charged, and the charger will stop charging.


     - This charger is configured for use with Luna 18650-cell battery packs. We make no guarantees about compatibility using other batteries. Please be sure the voltage matches your battery. For example only use the 48V charger on a 48V pack.

     - Using the wrong voltage charger is dangerous and can be a fire risk.

     - It is up to the user to determine if the charger is appropriate for his battery.

     - This charger is NOT designed to work with LifePo4 packs.


     - If the charger does not work properly, please make sure the charger and battery are connected properly.

     - The charger should be used in a well ventilated area.

     - The aluminium case is an important part of heat dissipation, make sure it isn't covered up or smothered.

     - Check the fuse on the back to see if it is burned.

     - Unplug the battery and then plug it back in to reset. (Sometimes this is needed after changing the position of the percentage charge switch)


3 Reviews

James Nagle Sep 30th 2019

Voltage toggle stopped working

For a $100 charger I'd expect to not encounter this issue. It defeats the whole point of trying to save money and preserve battery if I'm just throwing it away on the charger. Disappointed

shannon Oct 13th 2017

Great Charger

This is a high quality unit and it beats the pants off the chintzy plastic fire hazard that came with my ebike. Charges fast, made with quality components and looks nice. Bravo, Luna Cycle. Recommended.

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