Luna Charger 60V 450W 5 amp Ebike Charger


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  • 60V (16S) charger max voltage 67.2
  • Designed for 18650-cell and Lithium ion (but NOT LifePo4) battery packs
  • Quality 5 amp chargers 
  • ON/OFF Switch for easy shut off
  • Smart charger keeps your pack safe and maximizes its life span
  • Automatically shuts down when pack is full
  • High quality fan runs quiet and is reliable
  • Anodized Sea Blue aluminium case
  • 110v AC input for North America,
  • 4 pounds
  • 8 x 3.5 x 2 dimensions

The Luna Charger adds life to your pack without taking a wad of money from your pocket.


     - Charger is configured with reverse polarity, over current, over voltage, and short circuit protections.

     - Fuse protected

     - Precise limit of voltage and current, intelligent control, and avoids over charge.

     - Simple Dual LED indicators : LED 1 is RED shows power is on, LED 2: red shows the battery being charged. Or green shows the battery fully charged (or no load at DC side).

How to Operate

  • Check the parameters of the charger and the parameters of the battery to ensure the compatibility of the charger with your battery.
  • If you need to connect your own connector make sure the red cable goes to positive of your connector and the black wire goes to negative.
  • Make especially sure that the chargers maximum voltage is the same as your batteries maximum voltage. 
  • Make sure you plug in your charger. When LED 1 is red, it means the power is on.
  • When LED 2 Turns red and the fan stops, the battery is fully charged, and the charger will stop charging.


     - This charger is configured for use with Luna 18650-cell battery packs. We make no guarantees about compatibility using other batteries. Please be sure the voltage matches your battery. For example only use the 48V charger on a 48V pack.

     - Using the wrong voltage charger is dangerous and can be a fire risk.

     - It is up to the user to determine if the charger is appropriate for his battery.

     - This charger is NOT designed to work with LifePo4 packs.


     - If the charger does not work properly, please make sure the charger and battery are connected properly.

     - The charger should be used in a well ventilated area.

     - The aluminium case is an important part of heat dissipation, make sure it isn't covered up or smothered.

     - Check the fuse on the back to see if it is burned.

     - Unplug the battery and then plug it back in to reset. (Sometimes this is needed after changing the position of the percentage charge switch)