Luna Cycle CREE Front Bike Light Handlebar Mount


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  • Internal Samsung 2600 mAh Battery
  • Average 8 hour run time
  • Water resistant to harsh weather
  • Quality CREE lightbulb with STVZO approval
  • Handlebar Light
  • 5 modes of operation including flashing and blue light


We love this light because it is ultra bright cree LED that is efficient and lasts for many hours on a single charge. When the battery finally goes dead you can conveniently charge it via the LED on your DPC-14 from its USB charge port. Alternatively the light can be quickly removed and charged on any USB cord. 

We prefer this now to hard wired ebike lights because they cut down on wiring clutter.

Check out the matching rear light for this light here. 



9 Reviews

Kevin Triolo Jul 24th 2019

Super bright, great price, okay mount

This light is awesome! Super bright, light, easier to pop on and off to avoid thieving. Unfortunately, do somewhat to my own fault, the release clip somehow through freak of nature snagged on a break line and the light popped off while going down street. Did not survive high speed fault onto concrete :( Think im now going to go with the new "high lux" version as it looks like it has a better mount. Otherwise fantastic light!

Cyrus Mar 21st 2018

Beautiful bright light for night biking, but short lived circuits and fragile mount.

Initially light performed extremely well. Love the easy user replaceable Li-ion 18650 battery.

First issue I had was my mount broke (First the locking bracket, then the swivel base interfaceand t he light detached from the base). I was able to repair though with some super glue and electrical tape for reinforcement, mount is solid after those upgrades and not a reason for the reduction in stars. After dealing with all this, the circuit board just mysteriously died. Battery is in good shape at 4.1V, and from an inspection of the board I can't tell what went(No light when usb applied, switch is still functioning as multimeter ohm test proves).

Would love to still use this light, like some how directly connect up to the LED with a buck converter or some other custom solution to keep this light alive. I only had it for 4 months, used about 50 times total, probably 5 to 6 charge cycles on the battery, Wish I could just buy a replacement circuit board. Great light while it works, disappointed that it failed so quickly :-(

Other feedback, My light only had 4 modes(Bright, lesss bright, Blue, Pulse). Please get rid of the last modes, no reason for blue light(maybe red might be useful), also pulse mode? Prefer just a couple light options Bright and less bright mode. Also annoying to have to cycle through each light mode when you need to turn it off, would prefer long press option to turn off/on and short press to cycle modes.

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