Luna Cycle Watt Meter

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NOTE: Please choose the appropriate voltage for your use as you can blow out if using the wrong version with your battery.

  • 4.0 - 60v 
  • Watt Meter designed by Luna for an accurate and inexpensive battery meter
  • Accurate amp hour reading tells you how much is left in your battery
  • 0-200 amps tells you how much juice your engine is sucking
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Load side is female the Source side is male
  • Comes with XT90 connectors attached
  • Beefy 8 gauge soft silicone wire

Luna Cycle is proud to offer our very own watt meter.

We have upped the game by making our meter handle up to 200 amps with beefier connections and genuine xt90 connectors.  This also means the unit is more robust for years of trouble free service. 

Finally an affordable way to keep track of amp hours, the most accurate way to know how much juice is left in your ebike battery and the true capacity of your battery.

It has an xt90 female connector on load side and a male connector on the source side.  Basically you can connect it anywhere in between your battery and controller by coming in between the positive and negative lead wires.  It also can be used with a charger with the right adapters to conveniently be able to tell how many amp hours are going into your battery when charging and how many amps is the charger putting out. 

Best is to plug the watt meter to the battery first then connect the load to it.

This volt meter will only work on 52v batteries as they get up to 59v right off the pack. This meter will NOT work with our 60v batteries as they will be almost 70v when fresh off the charger and you will blow out the meter.