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  • The first tire pump made for ebikers and, of course, it's electric
  • Forget using a hand pump, why bother pumping when you have a giant battery pack?
  • Compatible with any ebike battery up to 72v
  • Choose between a xt90 or xt60 connector for seamless connection to your battery pack
  • Schrader valve (with adapter for Presta) 
  • 5 x 5 x 2 inches


The only thing that we can think that sucks about big fat bike tires is they are a pain to pump up especially if you are trying to do it with a manual pump.

Luna cycles is proud to be the first to announce an electric pump made for ebikes.

This is a breakthrough, because fat bikes need a good solution to pumping up the tires.

Why is it so critical? When you ride in the sand or soft terrain you will get way better traction if you let some air out of the tires.

But most fat ebike guys are too lazy to do this because they know that will involve refilling the tires with a hand pump, a laborious task.

Now ebike guys have an answer, an ultra portable electric air pump made just for ebikes.  

First of all this pump is good to use a 42-72v battery because it has a voltage converter build inside. 

It has your choice of xt60 or xt90 connector (depending on what is on your battery) and has a long enough cord so that you can reach either your front or rear tire without removing the battery.

We include several adapters so you can use this pump for Schrader / Presta or for a basket ball or even an inflatable bed. Perfect for those extra long ebike camping trips.