Luna Eclipse 40 Tooth One Piece ChainRing

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  • Made with love in the USA
  • 40 Tooth one piece eclipse chainring
  • Quality thick anodized for brilliance and weather resiliency
  • Wicked chain tooth pattern designed to keep your chain on
  • 8mm offset (like the mini 30T and the 36T)
  • 7075 heat treated alloy for durability and lightweight
  • BBSHD only, not for use with the BBS02

This 40 tooth sprocket really a great compromise between speed and torque.

This is a brand new design for us which utilizes the maximum offset for a 40T design.

So for a sacrifice of just a few mph in top speed you will get tons more torque. This chainring is perfect for offroad use. 

Because of its wicked tooth design the Eclipse clings to the chain and will keep the chain from falling off on even on full suspension bikes. Our test bike was a full suspension bike which had many issues with the chain falling off with the stock steel Bafang chain ring but this ring we had no problems despite its small size and long teeth.


Support notes

This chain ring unlike our standard Eclipse chainring only has a very mild offset so it does not do much to correct the chain line of the BBSHD. The same is true of all chainrings smaller than 42T as they cannot wrap around the secondary reduction housing.
Unless you have a fatbike you will likely want to use an IGH or rework the cassette in order to have a good chainline through all gears when using this chainring, otherwise you may have shifting problems in lowest gears.

See our Knowledge Base for a comparison of this chainring's offset compared to others

See this link for our documentation on reworking the rear cassette.

For single speeds we strongly recommend this to be used with a derailleur type chain tensioner. If you don't use a chain tensioner and the chain does come off you risk bending the ring when you put it back on. If the chain comes off put the front chainring on first then put the chain over the top of the rear cog and slowly roll the bike backwards. Stop pushing if there is too much resistance. If you put the cog on first and then try to put it on the front ring it will bend or break the teeth and your chainring will not work right anymore.