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  • Completely silent and smooth Gates carbon belt drive CDX group set 
  • 3 speed internally geared hub (read our article on IGH)
  • 39 pounds 
  • 400w Mid Drive
  • Torque sensor
  • Fixie bike design with hydraulic disc brakes
  • 36v 10s 2p Panasonic GA Cell 7ah (250 watt hours)
  • Estimated range 20 miles with average pedal input
  • Full color display (small and discreet)
Cleanest Ebike Ever 

Luna is proud to offer the cleanest production ebike ever for under $2000. If you know of a bike that is cleaner at a comparable price please let us know and we will do public challenge. This is not the fast and powerful ebike Luna is well known for selling. in fact this is the lowest power bike we have ever offered. This is one clean ebike. 

This is why we think the Fixed is probably the cleanest: 

  • Battery built into the downtube frame and based on high capacity Panasonic GA cells
  • Carbon Gates Belt Drive group set: 22T rear and 55T front
  • Only 39 pounds 
  • Fixie minimalist frame style
  • 700x35C tires
  • All wires and cables run through the frame 
  • Torque sensing mid drive
  • Shimano Inter-3 Internal gear hub with silent clutch 
  • Elegant black on black color scheme
  • Silent bike that is totally stealth
  • Legal in all 50 states
  • Easy on the pocketbook as it is on the eyes
  • No oily chain mess on your fingers or carpet, carry this bike up your stairs without a problem

For those that thought Luna bikes were too fast, too heavy, too fat, too big of a battery, too expensive, we got you the Luna Fixed.

This is our answer. The Fixed is our hipster electric bike that is so stealth it will really be hard for anyone to tell your riding an ebike.

This is not a high power bike, this is for all the people who want an extra 400 watts of power and keep their bike with bike like qualities. It has no throttle, torque sensor only. 

That being said this bike has 3 speeds, and a really high top gear with no cap on its top speed in PAS 3. The power does not shut off at a certain speed in the highest PAS level so if you are already pretty fast on your road or fixie bike you will be scary fast on this bike.

Space "Tube"  Battery

36v 7ah 260 Watt Hours Panasonic GA Cells

36v 7ah 250 watt hours Panasonic GA cells.

This bike does not have a giant battery, instead it has a very small Panasonic 18650 battery built into the alloy downtube, and the battery is in its own alloy tube (battery case is pictured above).  This is the ultimate in stealth and also safety since the battery is fully enclosed in double tubed aluminum.  Because this is a very efficient lower power mid drive (400w) with road bike tires and a torque sensor (no throttle), you will be able to go many miles on a single charge despite the batteries small size.  We estimate around 20 miles per charge although your milage may vary somewhat.

Ultra efficient road bike with Gates CDX belt drive group set and Shimano internal gear 3 speed built into rear hub for the ultimate in smoothness and efficiency.  Add a torque sensing mid drive motor and a completely stealth built into the bike battery to the mix, and you have probably the cleanest production ebikes ever made for under $5000 and we have decided to sell it at a fraction of that price.

Gates Carbon CDX Group Set


This bike features the very latest in belt drive technology using the patented Gates CDX group set with center spline which holds the belt on tightly with no slippage. This clean set up practically guarantees never replacing the belt for the life time of the bike.

  • The belt is rated for 20,000 miles 
  • No more worry about chain grease
  • No more worry about caring for your chain
  • No more worry about rusty chains
  • Slightly more efficient than a chain
  • Stealthy quiet when compared to a chain
  • Smooth as silk

Really on a road bike with the super slick internal gear 3 speed Shimano nexus with silent clutch, this system is as good as it gets. 

Read a review on why belt drives are the best thing ever for an electric road bike here. 

Exceptional Value

The Luna fix is $1750. You will not see a bike close to this quality for this price.  How does Luna keep their prices so low? By selling direct to you with no dealers in between.  We want to offer never seen before bikes at ridiculously good value prices (different than just being cheap).

Totally Quiet and Stealth

Because the Panasonic GA  battery pack is built into the downtube and the motor is built into the bottom bracket, you can barely tell this bike is an ebike, this is the stealthiest bike we have ever built.  This bike can only be detected to be an electric bike if you look at it from the left side and see the over-sized bottom bracket, and that would take a second glance to see that.  No hub motor give away, no hanging mid drive. This is the most stealth ebike on the market without buying an expensive Grueber assist (like the professional road bike racers use to mechanically dope and win races).


With its belt drive, silent clutch freewheel, internal gear hub and small road bike tires, this bike is quieter than 90% of pedal bicycle. You will not hear annoying clanking and clicking even when you switch gears. The motor noise is barely hearable, road friction and chain clatter are all gone.

Internal Gear Hub (IGH)

Mid motor and an internal gear hub are a really sweet solution for an electric bike.  This Shimano 3 speed internal gear hub is the latest version with a silent clutch so no clicking noise of a bike freewheel.  It is small and lightweight, and is known for taking more power than its more expensive 8 speed counterparts.  We believe that 3 speeds is enough for a road electric bike, in fact 3 speeds is the sweet spot in an electric assisted bike.  Shifts are done silently and smoothly and quiet, no derailleurs, no chain to upkeep and grease, no annoying chain line problems.  The belt drive and IGH fixes many of the annoying problems of a multiple speed derailleur bike.

Read our article on IGH’s and why the 3 speed is our favorite.

Lightweight and Simple to Ride

Our goal of the bike is to capture all the simplicity and fun of riding of a fixie in an electric bike.  This bike only weighs 39 pounds - which makes it one of the lightest production ebikes on the market and still is a sweet luxury to ride, even without the motor this bike would still be a joy to ride.  Add the motor and battery, and you get an extra 400 watt bonus which should triple the output most riders can put out on their own.

Internal gear hub means you have 3 speeds without the hassle of gear clutter, and when you want to change speeds you change them no matter if your stopped or moving.

Torque sensing pedal assist means no extra wiring or complications of throttle, when you want to go faster you just pedal faster. You have 3 levels of pedal assist which you can easily change on the display which will give you more or less power based on how hard you are pedalling.

This ride is street legal in all 50 states and at these lower power levels (under 400 watts) you will have a very dependable system that should last for years to come.  

  • 6061 aluminum frame
  • 400 watt mid drive motor 
  • 36v 7ah battery (250 watt hours)
  • Gates CDX belt drive group set
  • Kenda ebike rated tires
  • Wide double wall alloy rims for strength and stability
  • Shimano Nexus Inter-3 IGH with silent clutch (186% Total ratio, 0.733, 1, 1.360)
  • Tektro hydraulic brakes
  • Luna full color 500c display

Size small has 31" standover height

3 Reviews

Ben Myton Jul 10th 2019

Awesome Bike with Limitations

Taken as a whole this bike is 5-stars. The style is very current and hides the e-bike nature well. The belt drive and black-on-black make the bike feel classier than the price tag implies. There is enough power for most casual users, and the battery lasts long enough for a "typical" commute. Every bike is a compromise, and I think Luna nailed the balance on this for a city bike. I posted a more detailed run-down on my experiences after 75 miles, feel free to browse there for more info:

Ken Sullivan May 25th 2019

A Genius Bike

This ebike hits the mark for commuters and anyone who rides on pavement. It looks fabulous, and looks count. The main difference between a Ferrari and a Corvette is looks, and this bike has the looks of a Bentley for the price of a VW!. Never has anyone come close to this version of an ebike for the every-person. Thanks Luna!

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