Luna Lumenator


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Integrated Color DisplaySeparate Selector Pad6061 AL HousingBest in Industry Cree Lightlumen-bullet.png
  • This version is compatible with BBSHD, BBS02 and Ultra systems only
  • Full color display replaces all stock displays
  • Up to 7000 lumens of light (dimmable)
  • Locomotive light bright
  • CNC handlebar mounts
  • 6061 Aluminum Housing CNC'd and Polished
  • Black Chrome Anodizing
  • Can do 9 levels of PAS
  • 3 highly efficient Cree lights for the maximum brightness and efficiency
  • Powered by 3 Cree Xlamp XPH 50.2, the best in the industry
  • powered by the stock bafang harness (no additional wiring needed)
  • Built in cooling features and auto dimming if it gets too hot
WARNING: Do Not Use in Higher Power Levels When Riding in Street 

Luna Lumenator

This light at its brightest settings is meant for luminating trails so bright it will feel like daytime when you blast through them on your high powered ebike. 

Finally Luna Cycle makes available a full functioning color dash with the ultimate powerful light built in powered by your ebike battery. This is the way an ebike light and display should be...minimal clutter and minimal wiring.  We are very proud to be first in the industry to offer this amazing display and light combo.

The light is locomotive bright, 7000 lumens.... and there is a dimmer switch so you can dim it down for when riding in the streets and crank it all the way up to maximum brightness when riding off road on dark trails...

The light includes louvers which direct the light down for riding in the street, and to mid range when riding in the street. The light also features an auto feature which will automatically adjust the power of the light depending on the conditions around you. 

This light requires no battery other than your own ebike battery and requires no additional wiring rather than your Bafang harness. However we provide a replacement Bafang BBSHD/02 harness which allows the light to perform with 70 percent more power because of slightly thicker wiring inside the harness. We do not offer a Ultra replacement harness with this kit. The Lumenator is be plug and play using your stock Bafang BBSHD/02 and Ultra harness (5 minute installation).

This light is designed with its aluminum housing to stay cool even at full power, but in the event it does get too hot it will automatically dial back its power to keep from over heating. 

This light and display combo are a game changer. 




Luna Lumenator At Night Mounted Luna Lumenator