Luna Mighty Mini BBS02 30 Tooth Chain Ring

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  • 30 teeth which is big improvement over stock gearing
  • We feel a more ideal gearing than the stock 46 tooth chain for ANY type of riding
  • 7075 t6 heat treated alloy for durability and lightweight
  • Tooth profile designed for holding your chain
  • Tumbled to give it a texture
  • Anodized and then plated clear coating to resist corrosion
  • Run through the CNC after it is anodized a 2nd time for 2 tone finish
  • Single piece design
  • Ultra lightweight for those rare ebike weight weenies
  • Lovingly made in California 

Now for the BBS02 the 30 tooth mini is here.

This piece is a work of art, lovingly made with every detail considered.  

It is made from very expensive heat treated aluminum alloy to ensure durability for years to come. 

The 30 teeth make the BBS02 a rocket. You can still get proper pedal cadence in the higher gears, but it would be hard to pedal assist the BBS02 in the lower granny gears with this chain on.

We could get these made in China like everyone else's chain ring, but do not think this level of quality could be obtained over seas. 

Using this chainring you will lose a little bit of your top speed, but will gain a lot more torque.

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Support notes:

This ring provides the most torque possible, however this is a tradeoff since it also provides the least amount of offset of any chainring due to not being large enough to wrap around the motor housing. With the sprocket sitting that far to the right you must be prepared to address potential chainline issues from the chain in the lowest gears having too much angle. If not addressed this could lead to chain drops and/or broken teeth on the ring.

Ways to address chainline issues:

  • Rearrange the sprockets on the cassette so you are only using some (1-3-5-7-9) with the unused ones furthest towards the frame (you could also use spacers in the place of these unused sprockets to push the cassette further outbound) then only shift through these gears to keep your full gear ratio.
  • Use an IGH like Nexus 3 on the rear instead of regular hub
  • Use derailer screw to simply keep out of the lowest gear(s) with no rearranging of gears
  • Use a chain guide such as n-gear jump stop
  • See this page for more details