Luna Solder Sleeve Variety Pack


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  • One of the most clever wiring solutions to come out in recent years
  • Low-melt solder inside heatshrink makes for a reliable waterproof connection with no tools
  • Ideal simplicity and usefulness for everyday connections
  • 2:1 Shrinkage for a good seal
  • Heat-activated adhesive ends for waterproofing
  • ROHS and REACH Compliant for safety
  • Color coded for size
  • 50pcs total. 10 white, 10 red, 15 blue and 15 yellow
  • Usable with all standard size multistrand wire (10-26 AWG)

Works with all gauge of wire but easiest to work with on wiring smaller than 10AWG. For 10AWG (i.e. largest wiring you are likely to use) you want slow and steady heat at a distance for sustained period of time. For wiring smaller than 10AWG we would recommend pulling wiring all the way through the sleeve and twisting both wiring ends together for the best connection before applying heat. With 10AWG such as XT90-S pigtails the two ends can simply be pushed together so they overlap, then apply heat as usual.

These connectors are usable with a good amount of current (~30A+) but if pulling 50-60A or higher we would recommend butt splices instead. In other words this is a good choice for most ebike kits including high power kits like BBSHD and Magic Pie, but for very high power kits like Cyclone you may want to use a butt splice if working on the discharge wiring from battery to controller. For all other wiring it would work fine, even on cyclone.

Operating Temperature:

  • Works up to 125*C  (257*F)
  • Solder begins to melt at 125*C (257*F)
  • Solder completely melted at 150*C (302*F)
  • Heatshrink is fully contracted at 130*C (266*F)


Product Code Color Length (mm) Inner Diameter (mm)
DS-R 1 White 26 1.7
DS-R 2 Red 40 2.7
DS-R 3 Blue 40 4.5
DS-R 4 Yellow 40 6.0






Technical Data

Item Test Method Typical Data
Dielectric voltage withstand RT-1404 2.0KV
Voltage Rating RT-1404 600V
Voltage Drop RT-1404 Less than 2.0mV
Copper Corrosion UL224-ASTM D2671 Non-corrosive








2 Reviews

Bruce Carlson Sep 10th 2018


I have seen your motors and bike advertised, not until I saw a Utube interview with Eric giving a tour of the Luna operation, I got excited. My son and I build my first bike in May, I soon plan to build a 4 inch fat tire bike. I appreciate your suggestions on your motors, I have a mid center Bafang 750 v motor, I like it but would like a little mower power. I am an off road rider, mostly trails and gravel roards and am curious what I would gain in power with a Luna hub motor and wheel?

Josh Jan 12th 2018

super easy waterproof connections

These make quick, easy waterproof connections without a soldering iron. I used a kitchen torch, and put black heatshrink tubing over the top for extra protection and a clean look. Each connection was done in under a minute. The variety pack is convenient, and while expensive compared to solder, is well worth it for the time savings and consistency.

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