Luna Space Blanket Bike Cover

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  • Made from a high tech mylar foil to reflect the sun instead of heating up your bike
  • Keeps your battery cool and UV light free
  • Comes in small, medium, and large to fit all sizes of Ebikes
  • Cotton liner inside the Cover protects your bike from scratches
  • Rain resistant and breathable
  • A quick release strap goes under the bike to keep it held down in heavy winds
  • Cover has a soft draw string case to store it in when not in use

Luna had these covers made out of a high tech reflective aluminum foil, and then lined with high grade oxford cotton. Materials like these are used in only the most expensive car covers.  Having these covers made in massive quantity for Luna allows us to offer an affordable high grade bike cover that will do a fantastic job of protecting your bike. We tested 50 different fabrics to come up with the right combination of UV and heat protection with the idea of keeping an expensive ebike out of the sun where it can sustain weather damage and heat wear (ebike batteries hate heat).

We proudly call this cover the "Luna Space Blanket". 

We had these covers made to safely ship our bikes in, because we have found its tricky when shipping a bike to wrap the bike in any kind of packaging material that does not scratch the frame. 

Heat from the sun is actually damaging to your battery pack, this is intensified because most ebike batteries are white and absorb the suns heat.  The space blanket is met to keep your bike cool in summer heat, and warm and dry in winter cold. 

The cover is breathable and yet water proof.

The cover also has a soft cotton lining to keep your bike scratch free.

About sizing

The space blanket has a flexible lower and a quick release to fasten under the bike so it will fit a broad range of bikes. We have them in 3 sizes none the less so use the below guide to help select a good size.  It's a good idea to pick a size larger than what you think you might need. 

Medium (Road or 20 inch wheeled bike) - 70.9" L x 23.6" W x 35" H

Large (Standard mountain bike any size) - 74.8" L x 25.6" W x 38.6" H

Extra Large (Full sized fat bike) to give you an idea a large will barely fit over a Zero FX electric motorcycle - 78.7" L x 27.5" W x 43.3" H