Luna Surron Stainless Steel Bash Guard v1 with Beauty Plate

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  • Brought back due to popular demand!
  • Stainless Steel so it will never rust
  • Made in USA out of much thicker material and redesigned to take a much bigger beating
  • 2mm thick 304 grade stainless steel
  • Available in both black and stainless steel


New improved in 2020 with much cleaner welding and overall finish. 

We made our first bash guard years ago when we realized the stock Sur-Ron bash plate did not stand up to much, and brought it back with our beauty plate. 

First we cut this piece with our laser cutter, then sanded it and buffed it to give it an illustrious finish.

Then we bend it in our hydraulic brake and then finally weld it together with our welder for the exclusive Luna bash guard.

We now offer it in black color, which is painted with a special 7 part aircraft paint to be as durable as possible.  Note that this black paint still will scrape with hard hits so for ultimate durability we recommend the non-painted Stainless Steel color. 


Made with love in the USA.