Luna Thin Bicycle Bell

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  • The bell that doesn't look like a bell
  • Super thin and stylistic design
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Does not take precious handlebar space
  • Perfect for the handlebar-space conscious ebiker

We love this bell because it does an effective job without taking critical handlebar real estate which is valuable space for any ebiker.

A bell is the safe and polite way to tell someone to "move" who you are trying to pass. 

This is our favorite bell and we saw it we had to have it.

We think a bell should be standard equipment on every ebike, a necessary safety item (same as horn on a car).  

This bell is so small and unobtrusive looking that we have decided to make it a standard option on all our complete ebikes.

4 Reviews

Patrick Davis Dec 27th 2017

Red ding...

I 1st thought "what the hell is this?" Then learned it is quite useful, especially as an excuse me bell around pedestrians. Nothing to startle, effective, and relish the opportunity to chime in!

eTriker May 9th 2017

Built to last & takes minimal bar real estate

I like that I can be nice with just 1-3 'pings' instead of the standard 'BRiinnggg'.
Well done I'm glad to have one - Thanks Folks!

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