No Drill Battery Mount Kit


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Finally a product that lets you mount your battery in odd places without having to drill into your bike frame!

This provides a mount using standard M5 bolt holes and included M5 bolts compatible with most ebike kit hardcase battery solutions (including Luna Wolf batteries!)

Also includes heatshrink to keep your frame from getting scratched, and the hoseclamp can even be swapped out for a larger one if you are using a nonstandard frame with an overly large tube you are mounting onto (that said, this kit will work with the vast majority of bike frames right out of the box)

This mount should provide years of trouble free usage without ever needing to potentially compromise your frame. This is a common concern amongst folks using aluminum frames and needing to mount a battery mount into a nonstandard solution since it may hypothetically weaken the frame. This solves the issue easily.

This kit comprises everything needed for a set of two mount points: Two stainless steel hoseclamps, two lengths of heatshrink for usage with practically any length that help keep your frame pristine and unscratched, two of the mounts which provide M5 mount holes, and two low profile M5 bolts suitable for use with most ebike battery mounts.

Best of all, this kit is fully reusable since it is not drilled into the frame!

(Note: If using on a carbon frame take care not to over tighten it)