Bafang BBS02 Nylon Reduction Gear

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This is the primary reduction gear for the BBS02 drive unit. You need to remove the motor and controller to change and it is about an hour long job.

To troubleshoot your BBS02 to see if the Nylon gear has failed (Click here to read the BBS02 troubleshooting article)

To repair a melted gear please (Click here for instructions on replacing the Nylon gear)


Support Note: if using a version B on a version A motor, you would also need to replace the circular plate and pinion gear

2 Reviews

Randy Turner Aug 10th 2017

product as advertised

if your nylon bbs02 bafang gear gets shredded and you need a replacement gear. this is the one to get. i received the gear within 4 days of order placement.

ricky Nov 24th 2015

nr.2 spare needed

if you plan long distance cross-county, with a BBS0x motor, you will need a spare controller and this nylon gear, the two most likely thing to fail, IF you mistreat your motor ( lots of power and long gears, low rpm) . great price as usual with luna cycle, and fast shipping. 3-4 days from cal to flo.

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