BBS02 Reduction Gear


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Main BBS02 secondary reduction metal gear.

Replacement Part, will not work on the BBSHD.


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D Beeby May 30th 2019

My inner gear was shredded... this did the trick

My drive train was intermittently "locking up" when I stopped pedaling. I thought it was the clutch, but it turned out to be the inner ring of the reduction gear (half of the teeth were sheared off and there were chunks of metal floating around with the clutch).

Doing this repair isn't as hard as it looks and I didn't need any special tools other than the lock-ring pliers. I cleaned up the old clutch, greased the hell out of it the parts, and reassembled the system. Works like a charm now!

Marcus Dec 23rd 2016

LunaCycle has some gears.

Thanks LunaCycle for having all the items to repair my BBS02. A cracked reduction gear cover allowed dirt to enter the housing, which wore the teeth out on the large gear and pinion gear. I didn't need a gear puller, just a piece of wood and a hammer, to separate the large gear from the axle. The new gear went on fairly smooth and works like a charm along with the new pinion gear and a lot of Mobilgrease 28.

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