Bafang BBSxx Brake - Pair

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  • This is a replacement ebrake for the BBSxx family of drive units
  • This ebrake should work on all BBS01/BBS02/BBSHD drive units
  • The cable is 8 inches long with a water resistant molded connector on the end
  • It is the newer ebrake from Bafang that is black in color and looks more like a bike brake and not a motorcycle brake
  • Aluminum alloy for lightest weight

Simple plug and play replacement for the BBSxx drive units. This brake will work with any cable actuated bike brake and when the brake is pulled the drive system PAS immediately shuts off ensuring your safety. Without ebrakes when you stop pedalling the drive unit will continue to turn and propel you for a second or two (depending on the programming). This can lead to the awkward situation of you using the brakes while the BBS02 is trying to propel you forward. This can compromise both your safety and the integrity of the drive unit as you should not power it while you are braking.

The BBSxx kits usually come with 2 of these ebrakes standard so this is only a replacement if one breaks or fails.