BBSHD Steel Gear


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Steel gear replacement part for BBSHD only, will not work with the BBS01 or BBS02

Also known as the BBSHD secondary reduction gear


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Denis Nov 2nd 2017

Seems to work fine but isn't the same width as original.

I have ridden the new one for only two days and it seems fine but i was very supersized to find my chagrining rubbing against the chain stay. After carefully checking everything for tightness i realized that this gear assembly puts the chainring slightly around 2mm less out. This resulted in my chainring rubbing the chain stay when i pressed the peddle hard. I resolved it by getting another spacer and longer screws. (Lucky i had a spacer handy). But this was extra work and damage to my chain stay (my fault for not checking it carefully) that i did not expect.

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