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LUNA Wrench BBSHD and BBS02 Mid Drive Installation Tool

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Product Description

  • Makes Installation and removal of BBS02 and BBSHD a snap
  • Designed by Luna 
  • Lovingly CNC Made in California
  • Hand Polished by Luna Guys
  • Stainless Steel 
  • Fits the inner and outer rings of the BBSHD and BBS02
  • See product images for dimensions


Luna did their own unique design on the archaic Bafang Tool Kit to make it more affordable and more usable.   The Bafang installation kit retailed for over $100 (we sold it for $65) and this tool we think is better at under $30.

Not only that because of its thin no-nonsense design, this tool is cheap and easy to ship in a flat rate envelope, making it more affordable especially for our international customers.  

The only hard part about the Bafang BBSHD or BBS02 installation is you need a special wrench to install them.  This tool has been custom machined out of stainless steel  to make installing and tightening the inner and outer rings on the BBS02 and BBSHD easy.  If you are an ebike shop you will probably want these tools so you won't have to risk scratching the paint on the units when installing them

Product Reviews

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  1. Made installation a breeze!

    Posted by Chris on Jun 7th 2017

    I bought my first mid drive, a BBS02, and had it installed within 20 minutes with the aid of this wrench, some experience with ebikes, and a set of one to three piece crank adapters.

    If there was an option for an open-ended wrench to tighten the nut once the pedals are mounted to the cranks it'd be perfect.

  2. Excellent

    Posted by Unknown on May 25th 2017

    Solid tool

  3. Would have been lost without it.

    Posted by Josiah on May 18th 2017

    This tool made the install and multiple adjustments I had to make a complete breeze. I'm so happy I got this with the kit.

  4. gets the job done

    Posted by Unknown on May 17th 2017

    it is not a well finished tool, but it gets the job done, and that's what counts.

  5. Handy tool

    Posted by Bob on May 16th 2017

    Nicely made tool. You could add a 1/2" square hole 1/2" from the spanner end for use of a 1/2" drive torque wrench and a 3/8" square hole 1/2" from the lock nut end for a 3/8" torque wrench. Using a torque wrench shows more class than using a hammer.

  6. Perfect

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 23rd 2017

    It is very hard to get this nut tight enough with out this wrench .

  7. Works as advertised........rough finish

    Posted by Scott on Apr 6th 2017

    Works as promised and tightens my bbs02 but perfectly. A work of art..... sort of.... the finish is rough with jagged edges and burn marks. 20 bucks I guess it's worth it.

  8. Highly recommended

    Posted by Dennis on Feb 28th 2017

    This tool is nicely made and seems like a necessity to tighten the lock ring for the motor. Buy it with the kit for a discount.

  9. nice tool

    Posted by jill vaccaro on Feb 17th 2017

    high quality..good addition to your tool kit

  10. The 4 point side needs to have offset , so if you flop it , you get more combination

    Posted by scott M on Feb 12th 2017

    The tool bottom out on frame and could not go back to the next cog, if it was off set you could flip the wrench to get more combination.

  11. handy wrench

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 9th 2017

    Good quality wrench that is two tools in one.

  12. Glad to have it

    Posted by Les Phelps on Jan 29th 2017

    Videos show installing the BBS02 with a "spanner" wrench. The spanner is generic, not a specific fit, has one tooth and does not appear strong enough to properly tighten the friction plate. Plus, spanner wrenches are just hard to find locally. I consider the Luna Wrench a must have for installing the BBS02.

    Further, LunaCycle gets kudos for offering the wrench. Other e-bike kit websites that I've visited don't help you with this part of the installation process.

  13. Great wrench

    Posted by Philip W.Gold on Jan 28th 2017

    For the cost of the wrench it works great recommend it to anybody

  14. Luna Wrench BBSHD and BBSO2 Mid Drive Instalation Tool

    Posted by Maarten Keijzer on Dec 26th 2016

    Bought 2,1 is covered with all this Metal Shot.Not to happy about that.It's a long way from Adelaide Sth Australia to change it.The other was very good and the other one from Luna Mate was very good also.

  15. perfect fit !

    Posted by Ronny on Dec 18th 2016

    finally a tool i can pound with a rubber hammer because it snug fits : i added some loctite : now the bbshd has no more sagging.
    had to unscrew them yesterday : even with the loctite it worked

  16. This worked like a charm!

    Posted by Ian Lewis on Nov 23rd 2016

    A necessary tool for installing your Bafang kit.
    It saved me going to a bike store and spending $25.00 so it payed for itself
    after the first use.

  17. Tool works but so far only for temporary periods of time

    Posted by Steve on Nov 4th 2016

    I bought this wrench with my BBSHD kit, I already owned the BBS-02 kit installed on a different bike. The wrench was easier to tighten the kits than my modified channel locks but is tough to use due to the chain stay/ motor obstruction & sharp edges (def. recommend gloves or wrapping a towel around it while tightening). I can get the nuts somewhat tight but every couple weeks or so they seem to work loose & I have to re-tighten (my guess is this is due to not getting the right tightness on the inner nut due to the chain stay & motor creating odd tightening angles). Also, for those upset that "Luna" is not cut out of the wrench they received, this could be a blessing because my wrench (with cutout) started to "twist" on itself when I applied a lot of pressure to it so I believe the cutout actually makes the wrench weaker. Overall I would recommend getting the socket style tool set for the extra $5. Unfortunately I didn't see this kit before I ordered the wrench.

  18. A must for BBS02 owners

    Posted by Dave on Oct 8th 2016

    It's a nice basic wrench with a cool "LUNA" cutout. I filed all of the sharp edges with a Dremel tool so that I didn't cut my hand on the sharp edges.

  19. Highly Recommended

    Posted by Edward Huyer on Oct 4th 2016

    This is an inexpensive and effective tool for dealing with the weird lock rings on the BBSxx drive units. I wish I had it when I first did my build. If you're already spending nearly $1000 on a drive unit and battery pack, you might as well spend a little more and get the right tool instead of trying to adapt generic tools that may or may not fit right.

  20. A few improvements would make this wrench great.

    Posted by Mardoudan on Sep 8th 2016

    The first thing I felt when I removed this wrench from it's wrapper was the sharp edges along the handle of the wrench. I had to wear gloves or wrap the wrench in a cloth to keep from cutting my hands during use. In my application the chainstays hidered my ability to turn the wrench. I suggest the the wrench should have a slight angle where the handel meets the head. This would allow more clearance of the chainstays. The wrench handle bent very easily. I'd like to know what grade this Stainless Steel is. A much stronger grade is required. Overall, it did the job for me. I was a little dissapointed in the quality. I'd recommend the the Bafang socket style over this tool.

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