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LUNA Wrench BBSHD and BBS02 Mid Drive Installation Tool

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Product Description

  • Makes Installation and removal of BBS02 and BBSHD a snap
  • Designed by Luna 
  • Lovingly CNC Made in California
  • Hand Polished by Luna Guys
  • Stainless Steel 
  • Fits the inner and outer rings of the BBSHD and BBS02
  • See product images for dimensions


Luna did their own unique design on the archaic Bafang Tool Kit to make it more affordable and more usable.   The Bafang installation kit retailed for over $100 (we sold it for $65) and this tool we think is better at under $30.

Not only that because of its thin no-nonsense design, this tool is cheap and easy to ship in a flat rate envelope, making it more affordable especially for our international customers.  

The only hard part about the Bafang BBSHD or BBS02 installation is you need a special wrench to install them.  This tool has been custom machined out of stainless steel  to make installing and tightening the inner and outer rings on the BBS02 and BBSHD easy.  If you are an ebike shop you will probably want these tools so you won't have to risk scratching the paint on the units when installing them.

For a high end installation tool usable with a socket wrench, see this listing

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    Posted by James on Dec 3rd 2017

    Might be hand finished, BUT the edges were NOT rounded or deburred, RAZOR SHARP!!
    Maybe mine got through quality control and got missed? Thought they would have fixed this problem by now.
    You can send me another LUNA?!!

  2. Required tool for the kit

    Posted by Avi on Nov 24th 2017

    This tool is required to attack the motor to the crank. Was very happy with it.

  3. Looks cool but Impractical

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 13th 2017

    As other reviewers have said, the wrench is too short to produce much torque when either tightening or loosening. And the ends are too big to get a pipe on it to increase leverage.

  4. Nice Tool

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 27th 2017

    This is a nicely made tool and it works well. The tool has very sharp edges as delivered. I needed to wear gloves while using the tool to avoid injury. I will use sandpaper to smooth off the edges. The tool should've been deburred during manufacturing, please consider adding this step to your process.

  5. silly tool

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 24th 2017

    This "tool" is severely weakened by the silly and unnecessary luna logo cut out. Laser etch the darn thing on. It would be faster than a full cutout and stronger by far. The whole tool has razor sharp edges especially the logo cut out. You should abrasively tumble the tool to deburr the edges. I actually got cut on this tool and the sharp edges tend to bugger the mounting parts...You can do better luna.

  6. Short, flimsy, inadequate

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 19th 2017

    The Bafang motor mount is awful, depending on torquing the large BB nut incredibly tight or else the motor will flop down under it's own weight. So, you need a good wrench to put gorilla torque on the nut. This is not that wrench. It's too short and there's another round tool on the opposite end so you can't slide a pipe over the handle for a lever. So I cut the other end off, slid a pipe over the handle, and the whole wrench bent at where the LUNA logo is cut into the handle. Bad idea, weakens the wrench at the L point terribly. Also the four cogs are placed symmetrically, so you can't flip the wrench over to put the handle in a slightly different angle because your bike frame is in the way of swinging the wrench. So to improve this tool, leave off the 2nd tool, engrave the logo don't cut the metal all the way through, and rotate the 4 cog positions about 30 degrees so you can flip the wrench over.

  7. helpfull

    Posted by chris on Oct 10th 2017

    didn`t order it with my first order ( BBS02). Get it this time and it help to install the BBHD on my bike. have to forceto put it on the outer lockring and so damage it a bit. However the tools have a perfect fit on my original shimano lockring.

  8. Great to have proper tool

    Posted by Gerry on Sep 23rd 2017

    helped make my build easyer

  9. helpful wrench

    Posted by john n karlik on Sep 23rd 2017

    i have changed out several bafang motors using a large pair of parallel gripping pliers. this will work but will mar the finish of the parts grabbed. i used the luna wrench with no trouble. when i picked it up i thought that it was not adequate to the job, it is made out of aluminium and felt a bit flimsy. this actually came in handy as i needed to offset the wench about 15 degrees and it bent with no resistance. this tool will work to remove and install the collar nuts used by bafang, no issue with having enough beef for the job.

  10. Very handy!

    Posted by Nick on Sep 11th 2017

    This tool helps install and removal go a lot faster. It feels like you can get a lot more torque on the lockring without marring it. It's worth having if you plan on tinkering with your rig.

  11. Did not get it in time...

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 3rd 2017

    When placing the order for my Bafang kit I accidentally forgot to include the wrench, I immediately placed an additional order for the wrench with in 5 minutes, and frustratingly swallowed the additional shipping. No confirmation email came and I wondered if it had just been added to kit. Maybe I should have tried to call Luna Cycle to clear this up and see if wrench could be included with kit order BUT every indication from website is 'don't bother us unless it is really important' Kit came a couple of weeks ago and I love it. Wasn't going to wait around for the wrench to install it. Hit the lock nut on with a hammer and screwdriver, slipped once and messed up the threads (don't be over zealous if using this method) cleaned them up a bit with a utility knife and after a bit of struggling got the jam nut on. I am being asked to review the wrench which I wish I were to have had 2 weeks ago. Funny thing is, it still has not arrived...hence my 2 star rating is based not on the product as I was forced to give stars in order to air my punctuality gieivance ..I am sure it will work like a charm and I look forward to using it to torque down lock nut to appropriate level...

  12. Not the Best

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 21st 2017

    Instead of waisting time cutting out "luna" cut out a 1/2 inch square in both ends of the handle so a torque wrench can be applied and I believe one could actually tighten the lock nut with it. I purchased mine "at a discount" with my bbshd for $20, I'm afraid to ask how much this peice of metal costs at full price. Very minor disappointment though considering I bought nearly $1700 worth of products and my only compliant is a $20 wrench.

  13. Worked a couple times, then bent

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 4th 2017

    I managed to bend the outside ring side into an oval when installing the inside ring. It's probably good for one or two uses, but if you're going to being doing maintenance on your bike (and let's face it, you are), it might be best to get the better tool. I just purchased the better tool here. Spend the extra money up front.

  14. Tool

    Posted by Gunnar on Aug 1st 2017

    Works good

  15. works just fine

    Posted by rezdog on Jul 25th 2017

    tightened up those odd sized rings just fine. if i made a living doing this i might opt for the heavier duty tool.

  16. Better Than Expected

    Posted by Steven E Braun on Jul 21st 2017

    Although it is a bit difficult to really crank down on this wrench and you can't apply the proper torque value, for the price, it is solid and you can hammer it with a rubber mallet to get things tight. It works!

  17. Made installation a breeze!

    Posted by Chris on Jun 7th 2017

    I bought my first mid drive, a BBS02, and had it installed within 20 minutes with the aid of this wrench, some experience with ebikes, and a set of one to three piece crank adapters.

    If there was an option for an open-ended wrench to tighten the nut once the pedals are mounted to the cranks it'd be perfect.

  18. Excellent

    Posted by Unknown on May 25th 2017

    Solid tool

  19. Would have been lost without it.

    Posted by Josiah on May 18th 2017

    This tool made the install and multiple adjustments I had to make a complete breeze. I'm so happy I got this with the kit.

  20. gets the job done

    Posted by Unknown on May 17th 2017

    it is not a well finished tool, but it gets the job done, and that's what counts.

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