Individual spacers for BBSHD Bottom Bracket Fitting


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  • Aluminum spacers made by Luna for fitting of the BBSHD
  • Helps with odd sized Bottom Brackets and other fitting issues
  • You can choose 1mm thick, 2mm, or 4mm spacers
  • Goes around the shaft of the BBSHD
  • If the triangle plate lines up with the two bolt attachments but is not flush against the BB of the frame then THESE are the spacers you are looking for
  • For more info on mounting the BBSHD on fatbikes with intrusive chainstays check out (this article).

According to Karl from the golden rule of BBSHD installation is "Your mounting plate must be totally flat against the BB Side

These spacers make that a cinch to happen. 

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Jeff Southworth Nov 1st 2019


These spacers are essential for anyone wanting a tight fit with a bbshd. I have a very wide chainstay on my plus size bike, but it only has a 73mm bb. The 68-73 bbshd wouldn’t fit so I had to go with the 100 mm version. When I received it I was shocked by how wide it was and thought you I’d never be able to get it tight enough without so it wouldn’t slip. But thanks to five 3mm spacers and a little ingenuity, my motor is solid and will not slip. I couldn’t have done it without these spacers. Luna rocks!

Stephen B - Melbourne Oct 20th 2016

Quality Spacers

A simple necessity when getting the BB width correct and these you can rely on do the job well

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