Luna Chain Ring Spacer for the Bafang HD
Luna Chain Ring Spacer for the Bafang HD

Luna Chain Ring Spacer for the Bafang HD


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  • 1.78mm Spacer
  • Custom made for the Bafang BBSHD
  • Beautiful CNC work done lovingly in California
  • Composed of polished alloy for a clean look and lighter weight
  • Pairs perfectly with our Luna Eclipse Chain Ring

Handmade carefully and loving in the USA, is a custom made chain ring spacer made to compliment your BBSHD.  Prevent any rattles and movement by including this spacer with your kit.  This is perfect for clearing obtrusive chain stays without having to move the entire drive unit over toward the drive side. Check out (this article) for dealing with intrusive chainstays on the BBSHD.

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FatMarty Nov 20th 2017

Great product

I am very happy with this solution to moving the chain ring outward (rather than the motor itself).
Often the chain stay makes contact with the chain ring with a standard BBSHD install.
You can use bottom bracket spacers to move the entire motor or you can use these spacers.
You will need longer 5mm bolts for the chain ring using these; I wish Luna included them or at least had them listed for sale with the spacers.
I used 2 spacers for my installation and was able to use some 25mm length bolts with washers for the task; I would recommend 22mm for two spacers as the perfect fit without washers.
Make sure you use stainless steel bolts here.

Aug 21st 2017

Helped with chain line spacing

This was very helpfull for spacing to get the best chain line for my Jones Plus Cargo bike using the BBSHD and Luna Eclipse 42t chainring I only gave it 4 stars and will note the machine work was not the best in the center large hole to fit over the flange of the BBSHD. It had an edge on it not letting it fit over the flange, but a file and sandpaper made everything work!

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