Luna Surron Peg Extender Kit

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Drops pegs 1.4" and back ~0.4" (1 cm)
Includes Peg strengthening bar to strengthen your foot peg brackets
Made from 5mm stainless steel
Made from extremely strong and weather proof stainless steel
Made with love in the USA

One of the few complaints we here about the Surron X bike is it is not large enough for taller riders. This kit Includes all necessary hardware to drop down your foot pegs and give you more comfortable riding for taller riders.  This kit extends the distance between the seat and the pegs. 

Pairs nicely with our Luna Lift Kit Seat Extenders, to give the bike a feel of being much larger.

It also includes in the kit a peg mount bar that strengthens one of the weakest points in the bike... the peg mounting brackets which have a tendency to bend when the bike is crashed....the peg bar connects the two mounting brackets and makes them significantly stronger. 


This set is 5mm thick of stainless steel for the ultimate in strength for even the most hard core riders!

Available in raw stainless or powder coated black ($9 option). Since this part is so small we do not recommend this option. The stainless steel is scratch and weather resistant and makes a fine part.  Powder coating is not necessary. 



Luna Peg Droppers