PF-41 adapter for Pressfit bottom brackets


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  • Allows mounting a 100 or 120mm BBSHD into a Pressfit bike frame of any size fat or skinny BB
  • Allows the mounting of a BBSHD and BBS02 into any Shimano PF-41 shell
  • Adapter may also be used with BB92 and BB86 standards as the shell diameter should still be 41mm
  • Machined from 6061 aluminum 
  • Made with Love in El Segundo California in our own machine shop

Built for BBSHD

Typically this would be used with 100mm BBSHD size as PF41 shells are usually 86-91mm. The added width on the flange where it fits on the non-drive side means that in many cases you will not need to use a lot of spacers. In some instances 120mm may be preferred depending on the application (for example if the chainstay flares out from the shell so it needs additional spacers, or if the PF41 shell is wider than standard).


This adapter provides a standard BSA shell width compatible with BBSHD axles. It is not intended for use with BBS02 or standard sized 68-73mm BBSHD, as the axles on these motors are not long enough for the typical PF41 shell standard. Additionally, the adapter is not threaded on the inside for use with Cyclone.