Pf41  BB Adapter for Pressfit BB  Fat bikes 100mm, 120mm,  73mm
Pf41  BB Adapter for Pressfit BB  Fat bikes 100mm, 120mm,  73mm
Pf41  BB Adapter for Pressfit BB  Fat bikes 100mm, 120mm,  73mm

Pf41 BB Adapter for Pressfit BB Fat bikes 100mm, 120mm, 73mm


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  • Outer Diameter: 41 mm
  • Inner Diameter: 33.5 mm
  • Lip:  3 mm
  • Will fit any press fit BB with a 41mm ID
  • For fat bikes 120,  100,  92 and 89.5, 86.5 
  • We can custom cut for other sizes



Fits any PFBB shell with 41mm inner diameter and makes your Bafang BBSxx fit like a glove. 

This is for fat bike owners who our fancy ridged PF41 locking adapter does not work  (the locking adapter is for only 86.5mm). 

If your bike uses the PF41 adapter this press fit adapter will be the perfect converter for you to get your BBSHD to slide right in. 

We custom cut these for the fat bike owners.  

If you need yours cut to a custom size just put in your order notes what size your  BB is and we will cut to fit (1mm less than your BB size).  No refunds or exchanges on custom cut BB adapters. 


Support note:

While this works with any BB shell 41m diameter that does NOT mean it will work with any length if you have a BBS02. If your shell uses this standard but is less than 73mm length it will work, otherwise you will need a BBSHD at least 100mm.

2 Reviews

MrScience101 Dec 20th 2017

Warning! For BBSHD Don't cut it shorter than 100mm! Don't forget the triangle adapter!

This is really slick solution. I was worried about how I would get the 33mm shaft of the 100mm BBSHD to fit in the 40.8 mm hole of my bottom bracket on the Giant Stance 2 2017 model. When I ordered it I made the mistake of having them cut it to 89.5mm which was the length of my bottom bracket. When the BBSHD arrived, I quickly realized I had a huge space between the triangle locking adapter and the pf41mm adapter. Aluminum spacers were too slick, spun too easily. I also had to sand down the pf41mm a little bit to get it to slide tightly into the bottom bracket. You can see pictures and read the whole story here:

Wayne Rasmussen Sep 1st 2017

PF 41 adapter on Rocky Mountain Suzi Q 30

I used the adapter to mount a 120mm BBSHD in this Rocky Mountain Fat Bike. The bike has a BB107 bottom bracket which is 41mm diameter at the ends where the bearings press in but slightly smaller along the mid section of the rest of the bracket. I used a lathe to reduce the adapter diameter to a good press fit using the actual bottom bracket as a guide. The overall bracket width is 107mm so I ordered the length cut to 106mm which worked great.
Access to a lathe in this case was necessary but starting with this adapter made the final machining to a good press fit a quick project.

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