RC PRO PLUS Supra Pro D6 High Amperage Connector (4 sets)


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  • The best high amp connector we have ever seen
  • 6mm dual pin connector
  • 200A  Curruent Capacity
  • applicable wire-8-10 gauge
  • 24k gold plated

Thank the RC industry for some high end innovations that can be used in the ebike scene.

We first found in love with this connector because it is used on the Sur Ron battery.  It quickly became our favorite connector (better than the xt-90) because of its ability to take high amps (up to 200amps)

These are gold plated bullet connectors with a high quality plastic shell which only allows them to be plugged in the correct way to prevent you from crossing your connections (a disastrous result which could ruin your battery and burn your finger)

Featuring a unique patented banana plug lock design, these Pro-D6 connectors securely lock in place, handling quick movements and vibrations without coming apart. The stronger jacket and snaps extends the advantages of the previous generation of Supra X Connectors and makes them better.

These connectors are a great solution for your high current and high voltage demands offering a large, low resistance surface patch for efficient power transfer. The 24K Gold Plated bullet plugs feature a recessed wire cavity and solder windows making assembly hassle free, while the sheath uses high temperature capable, impact-resistant plastic imported from Japan.


  • Patented lock design eliminates separation 
  • Use with batteries, speed controllers and chargers
  • Recessed plug cavity and solder windows
  • Large, low resistance contact patch
  • Hassle free assembly


Great video on how to solder the RC pro D6