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This listing is hidden/restricted for a reason. Must get pre-approval from Eric or Gary to buy this unit before order is placed. If you do not have authorization to buy this, the order will be canceled.

Listing exists primarily for our bike buyers if they need a replacement, not as a product available to the general public.

If this was approved, unless explicitly stated the approval is for a single-time purchase of (1) controller. Not multiple.

Doubles the amperage of the stock BBSHD controller

Keeps all the original features of the BBSHD controller

Internal components of the controller have been improved to take the added power

Custom CNC case and better heat transfer material to ensure reliable performance. Please note case may look different than the picture, there have been many designs (moon design, carbon fiber hydrodipping etc) and this is not advertised as looking a specific way

Note these are custom built to order so if this replacement controller has been approved please be patient as it can sometimes take several weeks depending on workload


This does not increase top speed much from stock BBSHD but significantly increases torque and hill climbing ability.

This doubles current in the controller but the controller settings still only go up to 30. So if you set amps to 25 it will actually be 50, and if set amps to 30 it will actually be 60. We do not recommend you put it at 60 unless you also upgrade your primary gear from stock nylon to one of our aftermarket versions (PEEK or steel). If using with stock nylon gear the sweet spot for reliable high performance is 50.



Please note we no longer carry this for early model (pre-2017) BBSHD, version A. If your BBSHD was purchased after 2017 you have version B which this controller is compatible with. If you are not sure, take off your controller and check the wires. Version B has spade connectors while version A had anderson connectors.



As with all controller swaps it is highly advisable to use dielectric grease on all electrical contacts, and around the gasket to help prevent water intrusion (especially the grommet where the wiring exits the controller)

Please note we do not do installation of this into BBSHD even if buying with a kit.