Solderless Barrel Connector


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  • Usable with many ebike hardcase battery packs such as shark, dolphin, bottle

  • Reusable. If the wiring ever wears out just bolt onto new wiring

  • Reinforced internals so the barrel itself is sturdy

  • No solder required, just bolt on any wiring onto the terminals then cover with your choice of heatshrink, silicone tape or electrical tape

  • See pics for dimensions

  • Can be used with our XT60 pigtail connectors

  • Can be used to repair any of our XT60-barrel adapters, just cut off exiting barrel and bolt onto the bare wires

  • Can also be bolted directly on charger wiring in place of the XT60

The most vulnerable part of any barrel connector to mechanical fatigue is where the barrel is soldered to the wire due to flex at the solder joint. This solution works around that by using terminals that bolt down on the wiring, simply insert your wire and turn the screws to tighten. If the wiring ever wears out (for example after hundreds of uses) you can reinsert it and tighten down again.