SRAM DD3 IGH 3 Speed Hub with SHIFTER

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  • 3 speed internal geared hub
  • Includes the shifter unit
  • The most durable 3 speed IGH we know of
  • 186% gear reduction between 1st and 3rd 
  • 2nd gear is straight through and can take thousands of watts of power
  • Read our story on the how awesome an IGH is on an electric bike
  • 970 grams
  • disc or rim brake compatible
  • 135mm dropouts

Unlike other shops we are selling this as a kit with a shifter. 

This is an IGH (internal gear hub) with 3 speeds built into the hub. 

For those mid drive owners  who are bummed about losing their front gear clusters, this unit offers the same 3 speed reduction (186 percent) that a  typical front triple would  offer, and then gives you up to 30 gears (with a 10 speed cassette).

This unit basically takes the place of a front derailleur system, or can be used as a sole transmission on an ebike with no derailleurs (3 speeds).

It will accept 9 speed cassettes or can be run with a single speed with a converter. (we can offer the single speed kit for an extra price.) The included shifter will allow you to pair the device with almost any standard 1:1 derailler on the market. There are some Shimano deraillers that have a 2:1 shift ratio that will not work with this setup but all SRAM derailler should work.

Although the SRAM DD3 can be used with a cassette to give you an outrageous number of gears which some people love. We at luna like to use this as a 3 speed and think 3 speeds is enough for a high powered ebike. 

IGHs are full of nice benefits. You can shift while standing still in the middle of a hill. 

It is important to not shift an IGH under serious load as you can damage the mechanism. Just cut the power and stop pedaling, shift, then lay on the power again. Most PAS systems have a short delay before power is enabled so that should be enough time for the IGH to shift without damaging it. If you are worried about it getting trashed then you can always add a gear sensor to your setup then you can shift whenever you want, even when pedaling.

SRAM DD3 is a unique shifting system that combines a three-speed gear hub with a traditional cassette body controlled by a derailleur. It gives you all the gearing you need, but simplifies the system by putting all the controls in one hand. This means a bike that's easier to use, and lets you focus on what you love most: riding.


Item Specifications
Weight 970g
Intended Use Mountain
Hub Drilling

36 spokes - Black
32 spokes - Silver

Rear Axle Type 10.5
Cassette Body Type Shimano 9/10/SRAM
Hub/Brake Compatibility Disc Or rim
Rear Hub Spacing 135mm
Skewer Included N/A

2 Reviews

Miles Cramer Sep 18th 2018

Sram DD3 and BBSHD

I use a Sram DualDrive system with my BBSHD ebike, and it works great! I bought my DD3 from a different seller than Luna (I didn't know Luna sold them), and it was far more expensive and only a 7-speed. I have no problems after 400 miles on it. I'm fairly heavy on the throttle, too, so I know that these things can handle high power levels. I have a torque arm on the axle for the IGH, because it twists against the dropouts and I'm afraid that at 1500 watts, they'll snap.
-I have amazing gear range, just like before my bike was a mid-drive and had a front triple chainring.
-extremely strong, it has held up under the full might of a BBSHD for over 400 miles with no issues
-great for ease of riding, I usually leave my chain on one gear while riding and shift only with the IGH, it's so convenient when riding around the city
-excellent shifting speed, I never have to worry about how long it's going to take for the chain to get onto the next sprocket, the IGH shifts instantly and even while stopped
-I had to buy a second gearsensor for the IGH
-It makes an annoying clicking sound when the IGH is in its top gear, no matter the power being put through it
-Shifter is a little awkward to use
-I use a torque arm because of the twisting force the IGH puts on the dropouts when in 1st or 3rd gear, it took up valuable space, forcing me to come up with a new mounting method for my fenders.

All in all, I highly recommend the Sram DualDrive system to anyone who is unsatisfied with the current gear range of their ebike. This thing can take as much power as you can throw at it, and still works like a charm.

5/5 Nov 24th 2017

DD3 & Mid Drives

Great hub for limited mid-drive power with the right precautions.
500 watts from a BBS02 is tolerable but will seriously reduce life. Even in the 1:1 ratio. At about 400 watts you'll begin hearing the hub make noise in low or high.

Works really well with the TSDZ2 at 350 watts.

Double up on the anti-rotation collars. They're a softer metal and are designed to be sacrificial when over stressed; that way the flats on the axle won't round off. A single collar will round out as low and high apply torque in different directions.

Do not over torque the nuts. The thread pitch is unique to this now out of production hub.

Follow these precautions and its a fantastic hub for a small mid drive. I've used several of them and that's what I've learned from it.

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