Super Moto Wheel Set for Talaria STING


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This is the complete bolt on kit you need to turn your Talaria into a super motor dirt bike.  

  • Complete built wheels and tires
  • 203mm brake discs (MX4 Will need to reuse their old rotors)
  • 40 tooth Sprocket
  • 420 chain at the correct length

Now with black spokes, black nipples and black sprocket

We wanted to make it easy for anyone to convert their Talaria Sting bike to a Supermoto bike.

This is a bolt on kit where anyone can quickly convert their Talaria in their own garage, as easy as swapping out the wheels. (less than an hour job).

That is because we even include the sprocket and chain, you will need to get to road worthy gear ratio. 

This will make your stock Talaria Sting bike into the Supermoto road bike that is lower to the ground and look more like a bicycle.

The tires are road tires which have a completely different look than the knobby tires. 

Because this kit includes both a 40 tooth sprocket and a properly sized chain, you will still get the same top speed as the stock MX bike.


The tires and wheels are designed for the Talaria to make it super moto worthy:

CST 3 ply nylon tread and 2 motorcycle level tires DOT. Front 70x90x17 Rear 90x80x17

Rims are alloy   Front 17 x 160   Rear 17 2.15

Quality built wheel with strong 12 gauge stainless black spokes and black nipples. Dimpled nipple exit on rims.  And now all this hardware is black color.