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For a while the headset has been the weakest link in the Sur Ron motorcross bike. With hard riding and jumping the headset bearings would develop play and require replacing.

Luna has brought this issue up several times with Sur Ron and now we have a robust answer to this issue.

These new Headset bearings designed just for the Sur Ron and  use needle tapered bearings to establish many contact  points in the headset resulting in a headset that is at least 20x as strong as the stock bicycle headset used in the past bikes. 

This is the same type of bearing used in serious off road motorcycle bikes. If you feel a bit of play in your steering after hard off road riding this is probable the issue.

Replacing the headset is an easy job and should take a mildly mechanical person 30 minutes to do.

The kit comes with everything you need (pictured) to easily replace your old  bicycle grade head set with this rugged and reliable motorcycle grade set up.

We recommend this upgrade for anyone thinking about upgrading forks for for serious off road riders who enjoy jumping their bikes.  

Support: These bearings are not sealed  like the Cane creek model we sell, best is to use bearing grease when installing them.


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Instructions for installing here:

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Merlin Valencia Sep 7th 2019

Definite upgrade for Light Bee

This is a well designed headset kit that upgrades the Light Bee headset to use tapered rollerbearings like most motorcycles use. The kit comes with 2 tapered roller bearings, 2 adapter cups, and seals. Every components looks well machined and will drop into the Light Bee. I noticed the steering is more solid than before and less unstable than it was before especially when pushing the bike hard during cornering. I wish it came with instructions and the PVC pipe that came with it was useless. The upper adapter cup was easy to drive in however the bottom one was not for me. The same story with removing the old ones as well. I froze the outer bearing races and put the adapter cups in an oven prior to install and it installed easily. The bearings need to be packed with grease also, there was pretty much no grease on the bearings. After everything was installed it took me about 3 times adjusting the headset tension to get the headset to seat properly. Basically tightening it and take it for a short ride and checking for play. After that it was rock solid. Also on my bike it raised the handle bar about 3mm. You might have to adjust your handlebar clamp stem height, in my case it increased the gap from the top of the stem to the top of the stem clamp as I was not using an spacers. I caught my handlebar out of alignment after a trackday, which never happened before and I think it's because there is less meat for the clamp to grab onto the stem now. What I might do is sand the clamp and stem with some course grit sandpaper to roughen it up to keep it from sliding. Overall a great kit and upgrades one of the Light Bees shortcomings.

william Gunnell Aug 18th 2019

Tapered Headset Bearing

Excellent build quality, I ride my bike hard off road and jump it a lot and noticed play in the original headset. When I upgraded to the new improved bearings it cured the issue. It also made the steering feel really smooth and solid. The bicycle parts just are not built for the extreme forces that this bike can dish out. Cheaper and better than the cane creek. Highly recommended thanks Luna and Eric for getting this released so fast!

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