Surron Roller Bearing Upgrade Headset


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For a while the headset has been the weakest link in the Surron motorcross bike. With hard riding and jumping the headset bearings would develop play and require replacing.

Luna has brought this issue up several times with Surron and now we have a robust answer to this issue.

These new Headset bearings designed just for the Surron and  use needle tapered bearings to establish many contact  points in the headset resulting in a headset that is at least 20x as strong as the stock bicycle headset used in the past bikes.

This is the same type of bearing used in serious off road motorcycle bikes. If you feel a bit of play in your steering after hard off road riding this is probable the issue.

Replacing the headset is an easy job and should take a mildly mechanical person 30 minutes to do.

The kit comes with everything you need (pictured) to easily replace your old  bicycle grade head set with this rugged and reliable motorcycle grade set up.

We recommend this upgrade for anyone thinking about upgrading forks for for serious off road riders who enjoy jumping their bikes.  

Support: These bearings are not sealed  like the Cane creek model we sell, best is to use bearing grease when installing them.

Please note if your bike is 2020 or later it already has this in it, this is an upgrade for the older bikes!


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