Surron CNC Sprocket (42 - 64 Tooth)

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  • Fits on  Sur-Ron (light bee x) and Segway 260/160 and Talaria mx4 and mx3
  • made from 7075 grade aluminum alloy for the ultimate in lightness and strength
  • Anodized and chamfered for the ultimate bling

A smaller sprocket will give you higher gearing for higher top speed and lower torque, and a larger sprocket will increase your torque at a slight reduction in top speed.  

Note that changing from the stock sprocket size (52 tooth) will require a resizing of your chain or chain replacement. Below you will see a guide on what size of chain you will need for your new sprocket. You can either resize the chain with a masterlink or you will need a new chain with the appropriate length.  For a $10 upcharge we will provide a masterlink and the appropriate piece of chain you will need to lengthen your chain. A 42 tooth sprocket will require you to take 2 links out.  A bicycle or motorcycle chainbreaker will be required for this task. 

We will offer a brand new o-ring chain for $18 to match your new sprocket in which case you will not need a chainbreaker and your installation will be much easier.


The following chart shows the size chain needed (in links) for the surron. if on checkout you go for the $18 chain option we will send you the appropriately sized chain.

Sprocket Size  Chain Size (in links)
42 Tooth 104
48 Tooth (oem size) 106
50 Tooth 108
52 Tooth 108
54 Tooth 110
56 Tooth 112
58 Tooth 112
60 Tooth 114
64 Tooth 116


Install Instructions: