Torque Wrench For Bafang Mid Drives

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  • Made from 304 Stainless Steel for durability and beauty
  • Torque wrench is engraved with the recommended settings
  • Torque wrench can be used as a Bafang tightener or regular torque wrench
  • 10-150 pounds of torque
  • 2 sockets- one for beauty ring and one for Lock Ring
  • Made with love in El Segundo CA

Does your Bafang drive coming loose after a time of hard trail riding?   Bafang recommends that you tighten your lock ring bolt to 60 pounds/ft but the mechanics of Luna found that 100 pounds is more effective which is hard to do without having one of these socket sets. 60 pounds is adequate but you do run the chance of your Bafang BBSHD or BBS02 vibrating loose after months of use. 

A torque wrench is the best solution for measuring how tight you really have your nuts. We had this torque wrench made for us and not only does it have the 10-150 pound setting markings so you can use it like a regular torque wrench, it also has the BBSHD and the BBS02 recommended setting conveniently engraved in it so you never have to look up the correct numbers.

Now you can be sure your Bafang drive is installed at the right tension levels. 

If you already have a torque wrench or even a 1/2 inch socket drive or breaker bar you can order just the sockets alone without the torque wrench for only $45.

Notice this is more affordable than the Bafang socket kit which is made from cheaper material with a cheaper construction process and is not as good. That is because Bafang makes a lot of profit on their socket sets and Luna tools are made in the USA and can sell manufacturer direct to the people.  Before Luna came into the market, ebike dealers were happily selling the Bafang Socket set for $150. 

When you buy from Luna you buy from a new American manufacturer.