X1 Stvzo Wireless Front Headlight


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  • Designed by an innovative German team that specialized in LEDs, but manufactured in China for an affordable price
  • Three different brightness settings and levels
  • Houses an 1800 mAh internal battery to lasts up to 4.5 hours
  • Wireless means no fiddling with soldering and deciding where to splice into your battery, easily unclips from base for charging via a Micro USB
  • Day Cycling and rated for 34 LUX 

The innovators behind the X5 Laser Rear Light has recently released a wireless version of a Front Head Light, that easily unclips from the mounting base to recharge via a micro USB. Surprisingly well designed for how affordable this piece is, it also includes mounting straps as well as a USB cord for your charging and not to scratch up those pretty handlebars. Built with an 1800 mAh internal battery, this light has been tested to last up to 4.5 hours on the lowest settings (out of three to choose from), and is more than plenty to get noticed on the road. Since there is no wiring, install literally takes less than 5 minutes and anyone can do it.